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Date Speaker Title Materials On duty
2012/08/27 Dong Wang Heterogeneous Convolutive Non-negative Sparse Coding slides paper
2012/09/03 NO Meeting
2012/09/10 NO Meeting
2012/09/17 WALEED ABDULLA Auditory Based Feature Vectors for Speech Recognition slides 范淼
2012/09/24 刘超 N-gram FST indexing for Spoken Term Detection slides 尹聪
范淼 Micro-blogging, Wikipedia, Folksonomy, What's Next? slides
2012/10/08 NO Meeting
2012/10/15 NO Meeting
2012/10/22 Wu Xiaojun speaker recognition in CSLT slides 卡尔
2012/10/29 王军 An overview of Automatic Speaker Diarization Systems slides 别凡虎
2012/11/05 别凡虎 Experiments on Emotional Speaker Recognition slides 刘超
2012/11/12 唐国瑜 Statistical Word Sense Improves Document Clustering slides 邱晗
2012/11/19 张陈昊 TDSR with Long-term Features Based on Functional Data Analysis slides 王俊俊
2012/11/26 王琳琳 Time-Varying Speaker Recognition: An Introduction slides 龚宬
2012/12/03 No meeting
2012/12/10 No meeting
2012/12/17 No meeting
2012/01/07 王军 基于DF-MAP的说话人模型训练方法 slides 唐国瑜
2012/01/14 王东 Computing in CSLT slides 王琳琳
2013/03/04 王军 Sequential Adaptive Learning for Speaker Verification slides 别凡虎
2013/03/11 Du Jinle VAD stuff
2013/04/08 张陈昊 A Fishervoice based Feature Fusion Method for SUSR slides 谢仲达
2013/04/15 龚宬 An Exploration on Influence Factors of VAD's Performance in Speaker Recognition slides
2013/04/22 王俊俊 Understanding the Query: THCIB and THUIS at NTCIR-10 Intent Task slides‎
2013/05/06 别凡虎 MLLR on Emotional Speaker Recognition slides
2013/05/13 刘超 The Use of Deep Neural Network for Speech Recognition slides
2013/05/27 王琳琳 说话人识别中的时变鲁棒性问题研究 slides
2013/06/03 王俊俊 汉语搜索结果聚类系统研究与实现 slides
2013/06/17 范淼 Relation Extraction slides
2013/06/24 唐国瑜 Incorporating Statistical Word Senses in Topic Model slides
2013/09/09 王东 Research Frontier in Speech Technology slides