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Text Processing Team Schedule


Former Members

  • Rong Liu (刘荣) : 优酷
  • Xiaoxi Wang (王晓曦) : 图灵机器人
  • Xi Ma (马习) : 清华大学研究生
  • DongXu Zhang (张东旭) : --

Current Members

  • Tianyi Luo (骆天一)
  • Chao Xing (邢超)
  • Qixin Wang (王琪鑫)
  • Yiqiao Pan (潘一桥)

Work Process

Reproduce DSSM Baseline (Chao Xing)

2016-04-14 : Test dssm-dnn model, code dssm-cnn model.
              Continue investigate deep neural question answering system.
2016-04-13 : test dssm model, investigate deep neural question answering system.
            : Share theano ppt theano
            : Share tensorflow ppt tensorflow
2016-04-12 : Write done dssm tensor flow version.
2016-04-11 : Write tensorflow toolkit ppt for intern student.
2016-04-10 : Learn tensorflow toolkit.
2016-04-09 : Learn tensorflow toolkit.
2016-04-08 : Finish theano version.

RNN Poem Processing (Qixin Wang)

RNN Question and Answering System (Tianyi Luo)

Deep Poem Processing With Image (Ziwei Bai)

2016-04-10 : web spider to catch a thousand pices of images.

RNN Music Processing for lyric (Shiyao Li)

2016-04-09 : web spider to catch a thousand pieces of lyrics.
2016-04-10 : extract the keywords in the lyrics

RNN Key word Poem Processing (Yi Xiong)

2016-04-09 : Database for N-Gram data storing
2016-04-10 : dictionary stored in database , dictionary based segmentation and a simple bigram segmentation

RNN Piano Processing (Jiyuan Zhang)

2016-4-12:select appropriate midis and run rnnrbm model
2016-4-13:view rnnrbm model‘s code

Recommendation System (Tong Liu)

2016-04-09 : a review:Machine learning:Trends,perspectives, and prospects 2.learn python ,can operate dict and set
2016-04-12 : paper Collaborative Deep Learning for Recommender Systems and take notes.

2. learn the concepts of stacked denoising autoencoder(SDAE).