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(Reproduce DSSM Baseline (Chao Xing))
(Work Process)
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===RNN Poem Processing (Qixin Wang)===
===RNN Poem Processing (Qixin Wang)===
===RNN Question and Answering System (Tianyi Luo)===
===Deep Poem Processing With Image (Ziwei Bai)===
===RNN Music Processing for lyric (Shiyao Li)===
===RNN Key word Poem Processing (Yi Xiong)===
===RNN Piano Processing (Jiyuan Zhang)===

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Text Processing Team Schedule


Former Members

  • Rong Liu (刘荣) : 优酷
  • Xiaoxi Wang (王晓曦) : 图灵机器人
  • Xi Ma (马习) : 清华大学研究生
  • DongXu Zhang (张东旭) : --

Current Members

  • Tianyi Luo (洛天一)
  • Chao Xing (邢超)
  • Qixin Wang (王琪鑫)
  • Yiqiao Pan (潘一桥)

Work Process

Reproduce DSSM Baseline (Chao Xing)

2016-04-09 : Learn tensorflow toolkit.
2016-04-08 : Finish theano version.

RNN Poem Processing (Qixin Wang)

RNN Question and Answering System (Tianyi Luo)

Deep Poem Processing With Image (Ziwei Bai)

RNN Music Processing for lyric (Shiyao Li)

RNN Key word Poem Processing (Yi Xiong)

RNN Piano Processing (Jiyuan Zhang)