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Prof. Nick Evans from EURECOM, France visit CSLT from 2014/10/21-2014/10/24.

Location: ROOM 1-415, FIT BLDG, Tsinghua University Time: 2014/10/21

Title: Spoofing and anti-countermeasures for automatic speaker verification Speaker: Nicholas Evans, EURECOM (France)


Abstract: This talk will provide a brief introduction to EURECOM, its Multimedia Communications Department and research within the Speech and Audio Processing Research Group. Subsequently, the talk will introduce the problem of spoofing within the general field of biometrics. The talk will give an overview of the European 7th Framework project TABULA RASA whose aim was to develop new countermeasures to protect biometric authentication systems from spoofing. This will cover the consortium, the different biometric modalities addressed and the research strategy.

The talk will then concentrate on EURECOM's work to develop spoofing countermeasures for automatic speaker verification will conclude with perspectives for future research, including plans for the 2nd special session and competitive evaluation on spoofing and countermeasures for automatic speaker verification at INTERSPEECH 2015.

Biography: Nicholas Evans is an Assistant Professor at Eurecom within its Multimedia Signal Processing Research Group in which he directs research in Speech and Audio Processing. His current interests include speaker diarization, modelling and recognition, multimodal biometrics and speech signal processing. He led speaker verification activities in the EU FP7 ICT TABULA RASA project and is the lead guest editor for the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security special issue on Biometric Spoofing and Countermeasures and the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine special issue on Biometric Security and Privacy.