NLP Status Report 2016-11-07

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/10/31 Yang Feng
  • ran rnng+MN with offline lstm states, but failed, as the actions in oracle and lstm states conflicted.
  • wrote the code to generate lstm states online and ran some experiments. [report]
  • transferred the code to Shiyue.
  • optimize rnng+MN;
  • do the work of sequence-to-sequence generation;
  • Huilan work.
Jiyuan Zhang
  • finished the memory model
  • solved the bugs about rythme
  • ran memory model to test whether to achieve the expected
  • results of model of poor effect OriginalModel memoryModel
  • results of models of different memory(The results are almost the same)
  • results of models of orignal and memory(training same specific matrixes) memoryModel originalModel
  • improve the memory model
  • document
  • make time table
Andi Zhang
  • tried to run the code on gpu but failed, queried on github
  • make the final time table
  • successfully run the code on gpu
  • document on Memn2n(if have time)
Shiyue Zhang
  • finished the planned work in time table [1]
  • wrote an experiment report [2]
  • see in time table , the 2016/11/7 work plan [3]