NLP Status Report 2016-10-24

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/10/24 Yang Feng
  • surveyed NN with C and wrote the code to add Memory network to RNNG
  • finish and debug the code
Jiyuan Zhang
  • fixed the code of poetry generation
  • understood the paper of MemNN
  • checked the code about MemNN
  • integrate MemNN into the poetry generation
Aodong Li
Andi Zhang
  • read source code of seq2seq of tensorflow
  • then shifted to original version in theano (deprecated package)
  • install deps for theano
  • understand source code
Shiyao Li
Shiyue Zhang
  • run, read and understand the code of MemNN
  • discuss the code with Teacher Feng
  • simply revise Rnng Code Use Guide [Rnng Code Use Guide]
  • read the code of NMT