Miao Fan

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Curriculum Vitae(个人简历)

Google Scholar(谷歌学术)


B.Eng Dissertation (北京邮电大学本科毕业设计)

Ph.D. Research Proposal(清华大学博士开题报告)

[Ph.D. Thesis (清华大学博士论文)]

Slides of NYU Special Talks(美国纽约大学授课讲义)

Kaggle Profile(Kaggle竞赛成绩)

[Python机器学习与Kaggle竞赛实战(DIY Machine Learning Systems for Kaggle Competitions with Python Programming)]

[PySpark分布式机器学习与大数据分析(Distributed Machine Learning and Data Analysis with PySpark)]

Deep Learning(校对图书)