FreeNeb status Report 2018-01-08

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This Week:

People Last Week This Week Meet Minutes Task Tracing(DeadLine)
Mengyuan Zhao
  • Engineering
  1. Finish Online-ASR Demo.
  • Engineering
  1. Deliver Embedded-ASR engine to Fenyinta.
  2. Check and release TTS Demo.
  3. Write documents.
  • Roobo
  1. Prepare a workshop(half a day) in Jan 2018 after Jan.20,2018.
  • Engineering
  1. Put DEMO code into Gitlab before Jan.2.
  2. Draft documents for many engines: fnasr, fntts, deepfe....
  1. Online-TTS DEMO (Jan.20,2018)
  2. Online-ASR DEMO (Jan.20,2018)
Zhiyong Zhang
  • Finished the first version(draft) of technical solution document for THS。
  • To integrate Merlin7 front-end linguistic extracting to KALDI.
  • Myhexin
  1. Finish validation before Jan.3, and deliver document to Myhexin.
Yang Wei
  • Test the cases that network is not stable.
  • Continue test TTS pyserver
  • Finish test multi-speaker, multi-emotion TTS model and engine before Jan.12.
Dong Wang
  • fenyinta contract done.
  • spot discussion
  • Anual distribution

Zhenlong Han
  • Train some model dark knowledge in tonghuashun

<img src="" />

  • English embedded model training.
  • Finish train English model before Jan.8.
Shuai Zhang
  • Fixed bugs of the VVParrot.
  • Test the VVParrot.
  • Modify the edit-distance algorithm.
  • Build VVParrot on cloud server before Jan.5.
  • the VVParrot will be shown 5th Jan.
Yanchi Jin
  • Already update the database.
  • Complete the Megrez_tool and the chart of structure.
  • Continue update the database.