FreeNeb Status Report 2017-12-25

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This Week:

People Last Week This Week Meet Minutes Task Tracing(DeadLine)
Mengyuan Zhao
  • Engineering
  1. Optimize TTS-pyserver to speed up.
  2. Working on online-ASR DEMO.
  • Engineering
  1. Try to finish first version of online-ASR APP.
  2. Clean up code and draft documents.
  • Roobo
  1. Prepare a workshop(half a day) in Jan 2018 after Jan.20,2018.
  • Engineering
  1. Improve speed of TTS engine
  2. Draft documents for many engines: fnasr, fntts, deepfe....
  1. Online-TTS DEMO (Jan.20,2018)
  2. Online-ASR DEMO (Jan.20,2018)
Zhiyong Zhang
  • Retrain 100h 16k TTS training
  • The synthesised waves still not seems well, hold
  • Contact with THS about exist technical problems, still not receive feedback
  • I have finished part of the technical solution
  • Contact with Aiweier, and end the cooperation.

  • Aiweier
  1. Contact with Aiweier. --Done
  • Myhexin
  1. Draft a document and contact with Myhexin.
Yang Wei
  • Locate a failed case
  • Test the cases that client close incidentally.
  • Test the cases that network is not stable.
  • Continue test TTS pyserver
Dong Wang
  • Some discussion with Fenyinta
  • Some discussion with Japan Tongfang
  • More people will join!
  • APSIPA 2017

Zhenlong Han
  • write document.
  • train some model with 8k and 16k, and add ivector to it.
  • English embedded model training.
  • Prepare all the ASR models:
Shuai Zhang
  • Test the Megrez project overall
  • fixed the bugs in answering the question.
  • Complete the VVParrot project.
  • Modify the edit-distance algorithm.
  • the test by ourselves about the Megrez will be done 20th Dec.
  • the VVParrot will be finished the standard function 28th Dec which will include login, register, record the score and get the sentence randomly.
Yanchi Jin
  • Already update the database.
  • Complete the Megrez_tool and the chart of structure.
  • Continue update the database.