FreeNeb Status Report 2017-11-20

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This Week:

People Last Week This Week Next Week Task Tracing(DeadLine)
Mengyuan Zhao
  • Engineering
  1. Draft API document of embedded-ASR engine.
  2. Draft API document of Deep Feature Extractor(deepfe).
  3. Draft a server version ASR DEMO, but still have bugs.
  • Engineering
  1. Try to finish server version of TTS DEMO.
Zhiyong Zhang
  • Train multi-speaker TTS based on Huilian and roobo data
  • Base model done, but the synthesised wav is not good. It seems the acoustic model does not converge.

  • Continue to find the problem of poor acoustic predicting of Multi-speaker TTS;
  • To train duration-model using 16k data.
Yang Wei
  • Write test specification for FreeNeb TTS engine.
  • Test FreeNeb TTS engine.
Dong Wang
  • OC2017

Zhenlong Han
  • Finish training Japanese acoustic model with transfer learning. Now the MPE is on training.
  • English embedded model training.
  • Uyghur embedded model training.
Shuai Zhang
  • Add the intention of statistics into the graph and test it.
  • Complete the first version VVParrot project
  • According to the feedback, modify the project
  • Complete the VVParrot project
  • Add the documents about the two project

Yanchi Jin
  • Complete the megrez_tool (Fizzim) output format.
  • Start the compilation of the unit testing and overall test framework.
  • Complete the compilation of the framework.