Chao Xing 2016-04-18

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Last Week:

1. Review DSSM work group's work during last four years.

2. Code done DSSM model including : DNN-DSSM, CNN-DSSM.

3. Test for DNN-DSSM performance same to dongxu's experiments set.

  • Get the results for test dataset : 60%, and train dataset : 77%results

4. Code for mixture data version DNN-DSSM.

This Week:

1. Test for mixture-DNN-DSSM.

2. Code compare with :

  • 1. DNN-DSSM target on cosine distance (same to their papers. Just consider positive sample).
  • 2. DNN-DSSM target on negative sample max margin.
  • 3. DNN-DSSM target on triplet max margin (consider both positive sample & negative sample).
  • 4. Compare both DNN, CNN, RNN model target on different cost function above.

3. Test for 9 model above.