ASR Status Report 2017-7-10

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Date People Last Week This Week

Miao Zhang
  • A report about trivial events
  • Finish the test website with Tanghui
  • Read the paper of Paralinguistics
  • Make a plan for recording and start to record hopefully.
Hui Tang
  • completed the test web site web
  • finished checking the subset of our speech databases (nearly 800 sentences)
  • finish checking the reminder of the databases (nearly 2500 sentences)
Yanqing Wang
  • use different activation function to prune result
  • make the network narrow and test the former conclusions.
  • change source code to retrain the neural network.
Ying Shi
  • help zheling to finish his first crawler program
  • chech hazak speech data
    • train: 1346 utterances' WER large than 20% (utterance level WER)
    • test: 759 utterances' WER large than 20%(utterance level WER)
  • transfer learning based on th30 and wsj (performance is poor)
  • tools for speech data checking
  • transfer learning based on large Chinese ASR model
Yixiang Chen
  • plot for “learning deep speaker features”
  • comprehend Paralinguistics
  • record voice
Lantian Li
  • deep speaker feature
    • segmentation is still not suitable.
    • visualization with the t-sne seems cool.
  • help Zhangzy decode d-vector and re-train a new deep speaker model.
  • more details of segmentation experiments.
  • prepare the weekly meeting.
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Scanned the source code of auto-scoring system;
  • A report about the research of the speech group (Thursday).
  • Replace the old version kaldi with new ones.
  • Gather Part 1: 'Speech, Speech Processing and Tools' of Kaldi book for further release.

Date People Last Week This Week

Miao Zhang
  • prepared for the report
  • did translation
  • do a report
  • finish the website
  • comfirm the next work direction with Tanghui and yixiang
Hui Tang
  • submitted the technical report
  • finished to check the subset(happy) of our speech database
  • test the model of detecting overlapped speech


  • check the subset(angry) of our database
  • finish the website with zhangmiao and yixiang
Yanqing Wang
  • use dnn & sigmoid to prune result
  • Importance of each layer; try Tanh.
Ying Shi
  • kazak ASR transfer learning
  • help zheling Zhang to learn Scrapy
  • finish kazak ASR transfer learning
  • help zheling Zhang to write his first Web crawler
Yixiang Chen
  • absent.
Lantian Li
  • write book.
  • check the process of deep speaker segmentation.
  • demo for speech synthesis.
  • deep speaker visulization and segmentation.
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Compile auto-scoring system;
  • Chinglish for mix-asr training.
  • A report about the research of the speech group (Thursday);
  • Into the source code of auto-scoring system;