ASR Status Report 2017-2-13

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Date People Last Week This Week

Jingyi Lin
Yanqing Wang
Hang Luo
  • Joint training of chinese and japanese
    • To find whether joint training work on this database
Ying Shi
  • joint traing(speech spker)baseline and read some papers
  • visualization joint training
    • DNN same amount of label
Yixiang Chen
  • ASVspoofing
  • Deep speaker embedding Two methods of improvement
Lantian Li
  • Deep speaker
  • ASVspoofing
  • Write book
  • Deep speaker embedding:1、memory allocation,paramW sharing. 2、better than cosine distance while still worse than LDA and PLDA
  • ASVspoofing:a text-dependent task
  • Write book:complete chapter 1-3,leaving chapter 4.
Zhiyuan Tang
  • joint training of speech and language recognition, two languages for preliminary exploration