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Call for Papers for Special Session “Mixlingual Speech Processing”


  • The modern society demonstrates clear mutual influence among languages, e.g., Mandarin to language minor languages in China, and English to other languages in the world. This leads to a clear mixlingual phenomenon, i.e., some words of a foreign (or target, embedded) language are embedded in a host (or source, matrix) language. This mixlingual effect causes significant problems in various speech processing tasks. This special session invites papers on but not limited to the following topics:
  •  Mixlingual phonetic and phonological analysis
  •  Mixlingual speech recognition
  •  Mixlingual speech synthesis
  •  Language turn detection
  •  Mixlingual language understanding
  • To assist the research on mixlingual speech processing, the special session offers a large Chinese-English mixlingual speech database OC16-CE80 (provided by Speechocean) that involves 80h of speech data and the associated resources. Participants to the special session can apply for OC16-CE80 for free if they need data to evaluate their research.

Important date

  •  June 01 OC16-CE80 training/dev data release
  •  July 31 Paper submission deadline
  •  Aug. 15 Paper acceptance notification

Call for Submissions to the OC16 Chinese-English MixASR (OC16 MixASR-CHEN) Challenge


The OC16-CE80 database involves 80h of Chinese-English mixlingual data, where English words are embedded in the host Chinese sentences. This special session calls for a Chinese-English MixASR challenge based on this database.

  • The participants to the challenge are encouraged to submit the system design and results to the special session “mix lingual speech processing”, although they don’t have to.
  • Since the release date of the test set is close to the paper submission deadline, you can use the dev set for your paper publication.
  • More details about the data and the challenge is here.

Important date

  •  June 04 OC16-CE80 training/dev data release
  •  July 15 OC16-CE80 test data release
  •  July 29 Paper submission deadline
  •  OC2016: challenge result release