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1 AP16-OL7 Multilingual Database, including Training Set (Development Set) & Testing Set, and other related documents, is subject to this AGREEMENT, with details listed in Exhibit A, hereafter referred as “Database”.

2 “Database” can only be used by applicants in the events of APSIPA2016, as described by http://cslt.riit.tsinghua.edu.cn/mediawiki/index.php/ASR-events-AP16-details. Hereafter referred as the “Event”. For any other academic purpose, users shall notice Speechocean officially by Email and to be permitted by Speechocean.

3 Applicant is limited to universities, colleges, labs, schools and other academic entities, and should be dedicating in the field of speech and language technologies, including but not limited to language phonetic and phonological analysis, speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech synthesis, language understanding and etc.

4 Applicant shall provide the linkage of the belonged organization, or any of the related papers published before in the previously mentioned research fileds for qualification confirmation.

5 Qualified applicant will receive an FTP account for data download. The account will be expired after 24 hours. Applications are acceptable from 2016/06/06 to 2016/06/20.

6 Applicant shall have no rights to publish, retransmit, disclose, display, copy, reproduce or redistribute the “Database” or part of the “Database” to any other entities, website or individuals, under any condition. The “Database” shall not be used for any commercial purpose.

7 Applicant shall give appropriate references to the “Database”. No matter the whole "Database" or part of the “Database” is used, in any of the scholarly publications whenever and wherever they are mentioned. The following citation format is suggested:

  • KingLine Data Center, AP16-OL7 Multilingual Database, Speechocean Ltd. (www.speechocean.com),2016
  • Dong Wang, Lantian Li, Difei Tang, Qing Chen, AP16-OL7: a multilingual database for oriental languages and a speaker recognition baseline, submitted to APSIPA 2016

8 Applicant, who downloaded the “Database” but could not submit papers or challenge result to the “Event”, by any possible reasons, shall notice Speechocean officially by email.

9 All entities or individuals who do not participant the “Event” but want to use the “Database” will subject to data usage regulation of the Kingline Data Center, a data sharing and exchange data platform operated by Speechocean. Details can be found in http://kingline.speechocean.com/article.php?id=18.

10 Speechocean can be reached by any of the following manners:

Email: contact@speechocean.com or chenqing@speechocean.com