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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Interspeech paper
  • Interspeech paper
Yunqi Cai
Lantian Li
  • Obtain basic results of ARM-Softmax, and need further fine-tuning.
  • Merge DRT into x-vector framework [Ruiqian]
  • Papers of INTERSPEECH 2021.
Ying Shi
  • DAE, DAE-IVEC, DAE-NoseCode short term test (cut musan into 0.5s segments)
  • DAE, DAE-IVEC, DAE-NoseCode dense dimension test (50 dim ivector) here
  • Continue on DAE, DAE-IVEC, DAE-NoiseCode
Haoran Sun
  • baseline i-vector
  • some other investigations
  • infuluence of condition dimentions
  • other investigations
Jiao Han
Yang Zhang
  • voting paper writing, almost done.
  • build a audio demo web page for voting paper
  • voting paper fine-tuning
Di Wang
Tiankai Zhi