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|Dong Wang
|Dong Wang
* APSIPA 2019 organization

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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • APSIPA 2019 organization
Yunqi Cai
  • Apasipa conference
  • Nonlinear lda-flow
Zhiyuan Tang
Lantian Li
Ying Shi
Wenqiang Du
Haoran Sun
  • did some experiments on denoising
  • do more efforts to get better performence on denoising
Yue Fan
  • Gunshot data preprocessing and environment configuration
  • Experiment on flow
Jiawen Kang
  • Application relevant issues; flow source code reading; flow overview from NICE to glow; paper report preparation
  • Finish application; further understanding of flow;Specific Experiences
Ruiqi Liu
  • Continue to do the tasks of last week and learn some basics.
  • Run through the experiment named 'spec-flow' from Gitlab, and read its paper.
Sitong Cheng
  • Changed the task.
  • Collected some data
  • Adding noise.
  • Running flow
Zhixin Liu
  • Prepare data for pronunciation
  • To run the first stage of pronunciation