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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
  • Do some experiments to solve the problem of bad effect on the last 2 sentences, e.g. modify training method, modify loss function.
Xiuqi Jiang
  • Compiling the data of planning and training set, unifying data formats
  • Re-plan training set using planning results
  • Doing summary work
Jiayao Wu
  • made further research on sentence-level resample boosting and trying frame-level method.
  • prepare for the weekly report.
  • keep on doing frame-level research.
Zhaodi Qi
  • Do experiment on Multi-language BN
  • Summary of the experiment
Jiawei Yu
  • Done part of ivector and dvector in-set LID experiment.
  • Experimented different test utterance lengths(1s, 3s, full length) for zero-resource LID.
  • Test the in-set language for different test utterance length(1s, 3s).
Wenwei Dong
  • -
  • Try speaker level correlation.
  • Collect different language background speaker's English data to train info-GAN.
Xueyi Wang
  • reproducing the experiments of v-vector and c-vector; result is close to the one in the paper
  • get down to unsupervised PLDA
Ziya Zhou
  • Downloaded videos of 258 celebrities
  • Complete the downloading task by next Monday
  • Edit the videos
kaicheng li
  • Collect celebrity audio data (100)
  • Continue collecting celebrity audio data
Haolin Chen
  • Maths: statistical inference, integer programming
  • Continue learning statistics
Haoran Sun
  • Completed the testing table of asr engine
  • Test the concurrence of asr engine