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People Last Week This Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
  • Trained the model.
  • Reconstruct the model according to Jiyuan's work.
Xiuqi Jiang
Jiayao Wu
  • did some experiments on small model & node_sparse model.
  • research different layers' importance in noise environment on simple DNN using prune_node_method and waiting for the results.
  • change environment and research layers' importance in different factors.
Zhaodi Qi
  • Did some experiments on xvector
  • Adjust training data and continue experiment
Jiawei Yu
Yunqi Cai
Dan He
  • Study code about TTlayer
  • Collect the latest information about tensor train decompositions
  • Directly perform a TT-decomposition on a fully connected layer trained parameter
Yang Zhang
  • read two papers
  • build a vae in tensorflow
  • trained some model, and did some test in d/x -vector
  • continue to train and test my model
Wenwei Dong
  • did some GAN experiment
  • test model