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1. Data sharing

(1) AM/lexicon/LM are shared.
(2) LM count files are still in transfering. 

2. DNN progress

(1) 400 hour BN model. 
(2) Tencent test result: 70h training data(2 day, 15 machines, 10 threads), 

88k LM, general test case:

gmmi-bmmi: 38.7% dnn-1: 28% 11 frame window, phone-based tree dnn-2: 34% 9 frame window, state-based tree

(3) GPU & CPU merge. Invesigate the possibility to merge GPU and 

CPU code. Try to find out an easier way. (1 week)

(4) L-1 sparse initial training. 

3.Kaldi/HTK merge

(1) HTK2Kaldi: the tool with Kaldi does not work.
(2) Kaldi2HTK: done with implementation. Testing?

4. Embedded progress

(1). Some large performance (speed) degradation with the embedded platform(1/60).

(2). Planning for sparse DNN.

(3). QA LM training, still failed. Mengyuan need more work on this.