140519 - Mengyuan Zhao

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Weekly report:

  • Sinovoice gfbank model:
  1. 6000H-stream-mpe, still running, 1 iter done, but result is bad. trying to find error.
  • Multi-lingual training based on 100H Tencent data & 26h-mobile-eng data:
  1. do some phone-shared experiments
  2. do some state-gauss = 4200 40000 experiments
  • EN training:
  1. ShuJuTang chi-eng 16k_wav training, done.
  2. ShuJuTang chi-eng 8k_wav training, wav convert and data preparation done, dnn running.
  3. voxforge 16k Pure En training, done.
  4. fisher 8k Pure En, data preparation done.