140519 - Lantian Li

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Weekly Summary

1.Statistics and make the judgement of the impact of different recognition Unit on the recognition performance, and complete the second part--each number as an Unit.

And make three-group experiments:female / male / gender. The result shows that only in view of the average score of each number,there is slightly different from these three-group experiments.

In contrast, 7 reflected better, 2 / 5 / 1 results are bad.

2.To help the D-ear company design 10*4 or 5*8 number strings and make records.

3.Do my pattern recognition project using Kmeans to achieve unsupervised clustering, but do not finish.

Next Week

1.Continue to do the task1 -- complete the third part -- each bi-digits as an Unit.

2.Finish the task3.

3.Continue to help the D-ear company project.