Xuewei Zhang 2015-02-09

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Last week: 1.continue to download AMIDA data 2.write technique report on the overview of multi-microphones dereverberation techinique 3.make a report for the summray of all papers which I have read in three weeks

This week: 1.continue to download AMIDA data 2.read materials about microphone array process, the Distributed multi-microphone and moving speakers (1).Robust Speaker Recognition using Microphone Arrays (2).Distributed Microphone Array System for Two-Way Audio Communication (3).Comparison of microphone array processing techniques for aeroacoustic measurements(aeroacoustics volume 9 number 6 2010 pages 733–762) (4).Adaptive Array Processing for Multiple Microphone Hearing Aids. (RLE Technical Report No. 541 February 1989 Patrick M. Peterson Research) (5).A Microphone Array Tutorial. (Iain McCowan August 20, 2004 Iain) (6).Microphone Array Signal Processing. (Springer Jacob Benesty · Jingdong Chen · Yiteng Huang) (7).Distributed Microphone Array Signal Processing for Hearing Aids. (Prof. Dr. Simon Doclo Signal Processing Group, University of Oldenburg) (8).Distributed Microphone Array System for Two-Way Audio Communication. (Master’s Thesis) (9).GEOMETRY CALIBRATION OF MULTIPLE MICROPHONE ARRAYS IN HIGHLY REVERBERANT ENVIRONMENTS(published in: International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhacement (IWAENC) 2014) (10).speech recognition using ad-hoc microphone arrays (11).Localization of Multiple Speakers under High Reverberation using a Spherical Microphone Array and the Direct-Path Dominance Test(IEEE/ACM TRANSACTIONS ON AUDIO, SPEECH, AND LANGUAGE PROCESSING, VOL. 22, NO. 10, OCTOBER 2014) (12).Microphone Array Processing for Robust Speech Recognition(Michael L. Seltzer) (13).Real-Time Multiple Sound Source Localization and Counting using a Circular Microphone Array (14).Localization Of Multiple Acoustic Sources With A Distributed Array Of Unsynchronized First-Order Ambisonics Microphones (15).Single-and Multi-Microphone Speech Dereverberation using Spectral Enhancement (16).Speaker Localization and Extraction with Distributed Microphone Arrays (17).The Fusion of DistributedMicrophone Arrays for Sound Localization (18).Tracking of Multiple Moving Speakers With Multiple Microphone Arrays