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To celebrate the 107th birthday of Tsinghua University, our lab is opening for public visting. We have released a set of demos, to show what we are doing for publicity.

Demo items

The demos are three parts:

1. Robot talking

As convenion, we demo our vivi robot. This time, vivi can answer more questions about the university and the lab. E.g., who is the most beautiful in the lab? Answer: Yating, Zhang Miao, Shiyue, ...and, me. Moreover, she has learned a new skill: order meals.

2. Automatic generation of poems, including Tang poems, Song Imbicas and Chinese couplets.

3. Speech technologies, including speech recognition, voiceprint recognition, speech scoring.



Demo pictures

微信图片 20180428172554.jpg 微信图片 20180428172752.jpg

Lantian & Yanchi explain robots to students from Tsinghua Children Garden

107-v1.jpg 107-v2.jpg

Yanchi & Zhangmiao demo show to students from junior school