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Prof. Fang Zheng, Dong Wang and students Fanhu Bie, Chao Liu, Rong Liu will attend Interspeech 2014 & ISCSLP 2014 in Singapore, from 2014/09/11-2014/09/19.

Fanhui Bie will present two papers on ISCSLP:

1. Fanhu Bie, Dong Wang, Thomas Fang Zheng, Truncated speech for speaker recognition, ISCSLP 2014 (in Chinese) 2. Jun Wang, Lantian Li, Dong Wang, Thomas Fang Zheng, Research on generalization property of time-varying Fbank-weighted MFCC for i-vector based speaker verification, ISCSLP 2014 (in Chinese)

Rong Liu will present one paper on ISCSLP:

1. Rong Liu, Dong Wang, Chao Xing, Text classification based on word vectors, ISCSLP 2014 (in Chinese).

Chao Liu will present one paper on Interspeech:

1. Chao Liu, Dong Wang, Zhiyong Zhang, "Pruning Deep Neural Networks by Optimal Brain Damage", Interspeech 2014.