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IBM scientists Yong Qin、Songfang Huang、Ming Li visit CSLT

Time: 2014-05-26
Location: ROOM 1-305, BLDG FIT, Tsinghua University

Cognitive Computing

• Presenter: – Kelvin Qin/秦勇 – Senior Technical Staff Member – IBM Research – China • Abstract: In the era of Big Data, the biggest challenge for enterprises today is to re-discover the trends, re-discover the clients, re-define the relationship with customers to satisfy their ever growing demands. We strive to improve enterprise's capability and efficiency to make a smart decision from heterogeneous data sources including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data by developing the cognitive computing technology . The ultimate goal is to provide enterprise and human decision supporting tools for complex problems solving. In this talk, I will brief IBM research strategy on cognitive computing and several technologies we are working on to interact with data naturally and understand data deeply.

Advanced Language Modeling

• Presenter: – Songfang Huang/黄松芳 – Research Staff Member – IBM Research – China • Abstract: Traditional N-gram models are widely used in speech and language processing applications, e.g., speech recognition and machine translation. However, N-gram models suffer from some limitations, due to the Markov assumption. In this talk, we will briefly review several advanced language modeling techniques to go beyond short-span limitations and incorporate additional information sources. The models we will cover include, but not limited to, exponential models, Bayesian models, and neural network models.

Multi-factor Mobile Biometric Authentication • Presenter: – Min Li/李敏 – Staff Researcher Member – IBM Research - China • Abstract: – Mobile business transactions are undergoing a surging growth as the raise of mobile Internet and mobile e-Commerce. Security becomes the top concern of mobile customers and enterprises because of potential risks from lost/stolen or unattended mobile devices. This talk will introduce background of mobile money, IBM's mobile biometric authentication solution and some technical progresses.