NLP Status Report 2016-09-19

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/09/19 Yang Feng
  • revised papers of Icassp
  • installed MemNN on the server and get the similar results on PennTreeBank data set to that in the paper
  • read the code of rnng and installed it on the server (not succeed yet)
  • manage to install rnng on the server and run the experiments on the PennTreeBank
  • read the code of rnng and MemNN
Jiyuan Zhang
  • completed the illustration of my part of book [here]
  • read two papers about generation task [here] [here]
  • checked qixi’ newly code
  • generate the same level poem compared to qx’s
Aodong Li
Andi Zhang
  • read several papers about memory network & IE
  • tried to set the env for source code
  • ran several times of source code on my laptop, didn't get as good results as in the paper but is close
  • work on rnng
  • share a paper about IE
Shiyao Li
  • prepare for the paper sharing
  • review the chapter 8 of the book written by Maoning Wang
  • learn how to use cvs and how to write books using Latex
  • complete the chapter 8-nonparametric model
  • prepare to write Genetic Algorithm
Shiyue Zhang
  • Read the paper RNNG
  • Help with paper checks
  • Try to run the code of RNNG