Lantian Li 15-06-02

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Weekly Summary

1. Make preliminary experiments on Speech watermarking.

Results show that with the increase of the number of interpolation points, system performance will gradually decline.

2. Make experiments of the discriminative scoring training.

Results show that no matter the traditional system scoring method or SVM/DNN classifier, the performance of raw-score is almost the same.

It proves that these selected features are effective and available.

3. Prepare for three deep speaker embedding tasks:

 1). large-scale deep speaker vector framework: In process.
 2). RNN based deep speaker vector: use kaldi-RNN tools to embed utterance-level deep speaker vector.
 Results show that the r-vector is not better than d-vector.
 3). derive binary i-vectors using Hamming distance learning. In process.

Next Week

1. Go on the task 3.