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ASR Kernel development

[ASR group weekly report]


  • full-lab training is ready. Trained the first full-lab system with 16k/pseduo 48k data.
  • re-recording 48k data using F00 (500 sentences) and retrain the model. The quality of the signal sounds better, while the quality of pitch is a bit strange. Need more investigation on parameter settings.

Next week:

  • Check the signal parameters and solve the problem of pitch.
  • Prepare the large data training with both all-F 863 data.
  • Prepare the large data training with online novel.

Dialog system

  • The search system migrated to the custom domain, with significant performance reduction
1	0.496	0.485
2	0.619	0.615
3	0.676	0.673
4	0.713	0.715
5	0.740	0.738

1	0.75	0.8
2	0.85	0.883
3	0.867	0.917
4	0.867	0.95
5	0.95	0.967
  • Two problems:
  1. short of semantic cluster.
  2. limited training data for idf.
  • Next week
  1. Analyse the QA database, to extract useful domain dependent data
  2. Analyse the data to expand the key words & phrases
  3. Analyse the data to attain better IDF.

Summary system

  • Be familiar with the dragon system. Combing the system and extract the summary-only code.
  • Sentence based summary done. But request to migrate to Chinese.
  • Start to build the textrank-based keyword extraction. Re-write the Lexrank code to handle word level similarity matrices.

Next week:

  • Test data set: 100 articles
  • TextRank Done

Template matching

  • Start to work on the self coding, while some requests have not been considered.
  • consider if to use the standard FSM toolkit by next Tuesday.