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ASR Kernel development

[ASR group weekly report]


  • CD lab files done. Refining the script.
  • Training toolkit is cleaned up. Now no alignment is required. Parallel training is done.
  • Tried syllable based system instead of phones.
  • Collected an online-novel reading.

Next week:

  • Refine the script
  • Clean up the online reading.

Dialog system

  • Conducting the initial experiment:
  1. Using 9k dim TF/IDF, compose feature vectors for each query, each answer. Mach the TF/IDF of query+answer to match the TF/IDF of new queries.
  1. Keep two top-level categories, try to reduce top-level errors:
Add the scores of the Cosine score of the match with queries and answers directly:
top-level errors: 2/60 , all errors: 13/60
Use scores of the Cosine score of the match with queries only:
top-level errors: 0/60 , all errors: 7/60
speed: 2 query/second

Next week:

  • Reverse index-based fast match (only match with queries)
  1. code done in python
  2. CER 7/60, speed 1 query/second
  • Use the new data set to verify the program.