FreeNeb Status Report 2016-08-22

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People Last Week This Week
Chao Xing
  • Check problem in RNN-TTS.
  • Give some commercial talk.
  • Code & Test RNN-TTS
Ziwei Bai
  • finish my work of ML book
  • Test Chatting Model
  • Learn paper about Chatting Model published in 2016
Mengyuan Zhao
  • Exchange motherboard for tiger01.
  • Finish data preparation(wav.scp & text) for 16k-11000h training.
  • Finish installation of tiger01.
  • Backup corpus0
  • Feature extraction and start gmm training (spn-phone, no-cmvn).
Zhiyong Zhang
  • Finished git project freepuslar code cleanup
  • Write the ASR python server functional specification