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Dong Wang


Bachelor, Tsinghua Univ.(1999),Master, Tsinghua Univ.(2002),Ph.D, Univ. of Edinburgh(2010)。

Work experience:

  • 2002-2004: Software engineer, Oracle R&D, China.
  • 2004-2006: Senior software engineer, IBM, China.
  • 2006-2009: Marie Curie Research Fellow, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK.
  • 2010-2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, EURECOM, France.
  • 2011-2012: Senior Research Scientist, Nuance, USA.
  • 2012-: Assistant professor, Tsinghua Univ., China.

Research interests:

Machine learning, signal processing, speech recognition, information retrieval. He was a major scientist of the ALIAS project supported by EU, the principle research scientist of the ACAV project supported by the France government, the leader of the M4SVR project supported by the France Foreign Minister. He published many research papers, including 8 journal papers indexed by SCI, and about 20 journal/conference papers indexed by EI. He is a reviewer of many domain-famous journals, including IEEE transactions on Audio, Speech and Language, ACM transaction on Information system, Computer Speech and Language, Multimedia application and tools, Neural Computing. He also assists reviewing of papers for ICASSP and Interspeech.

Selected publications(Full publication list):

  1. Javier Tejedor; Doroteo T. Toledano; Dong Wang; Simon King; Jose Colas, "Feature analysis for discriminative confidence estimation in Spoken Term Detection", Computer Speech and Language, to appear.
  2. Dong Wang, Ravichander Vipperla, Nick Evans, Thomas Fang Zheng, "Online Non-negative Convolutive Pattern Learning for Speech Signals", IEEE trans. on signal processing, vol.61, no.1, pp.44-56 (SCI).
  3. Dong Wang, Simon King, Joe Frankel, Ravichander Vipperla, Nick Evans, Raphael Troncy, "Direct Posterior Confidence Estimation for Out-of-Vocabulary Spoken Term Detection", ACM Trans. on Information Systems, vol.30, no.3, August, 2012 (SCI).
  4. Dong Wang, Javier Tejedor, Simon King, Joe Frankel "Term-dependent Confidence Normalization for Out-of-Vocabulary Spoken Term Detection", Journal of Computer Science and Technology(JCST), vol.27, no.2, 2012 (SCI).
  5. Nick Evans, Simon Bozonnet, Dong Wang, Corinne Fredouille and Raphael Troncy, "A Comparative Study of Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches to Speaker Diarization ", IEEE Trans. on Audio, Speech and Language Processing,vol.20, no.2, 2012 (SCI).
  6. Javier Tejedor, Alejandro Echeverria Dong Wang, Ravichander Vipperla, "Evolutionary discriminative confidence estimation for spoken term detection ", Multimedia tools and applications, no.4, 2011 (SCI).
  7. Dong Wang, Simon King, "Letter-to-Sound Pronunciation Prediction using Conditional Random Field", IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol 18, no.2, February 2011 , pp 122-125 (SCI).
  8. Dong Wang, Simon King, Joe Frankel, "Stochastic Pronunciation Modelling for Out-of-Vocabulary Term Detection", IEEE transaction on Acoustic, Speech and Language Processing, vol.18, no.8, November 2010 (SCI).
  9. Javier Tejedor, Dong Wang, Joe Frankel, Simon King, Jose Colas, A comparison of grapheme and phoneme-based units for spoken term detection in Spanish", Speech Communication, 60(11-12):980-991, 2008 (SCI).