Chao Xing 15-06-02

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This Week

1. Do oral report in NAACL.

2. Plan to finish my master career.

Plan in EMNLP

spherical dropout using frequency balance.

Date 6-3 --> 6-7

1. Testing spherical gamma dropout without frequency balance.

2. Testing frequency balance in word2vec.

3. Finish NIPS work.

4. Finish my master report.

Date 6-8 --> 6-10

1. Coding spherical gamma dropout with frequency balance.

2. Spread the parameter threshold which set whole vectors normalized by dimension which l2_norm equals to parameter.

3. After these work, if the result still not satisfy, read papers and find some help.

Date 6-11 --> 6-13

1. Write technique report if the result is not satisfy still need report.

Date 6-13 -->

If result shows fine, set paper to Dr. Wang.

Another busy week...