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CSLT Virtual Status System (CVSS)

CVSS system is designed to track daily tasks. The advantage of this system is that people can create a task and then track the task in a collaborative way.

The CVSS system can be logon from the following URL:

Or can reach it from the CSLT wiki homepage.

Work process

1. Create a request

Once logging on, you can create a ticket, by setting a title, category, priority and a short description of the task.

2. Assign to a proper person

The ticket can be assigned to anyone in the system. You may want to send a notificaiton by email.

3. Update your progress

The initial ticket has a status '11', which means a new and open ticket. You can post your update or comments, changing the title, priority and status. The most commonly used status is '30', which means requesting additional information.

4. Close the ticket

Once the task is solved, you need close the ticket by changing the status to 80. This means the task is done. If this ticket is not valid, the task can not be solved, or there is duplicate ticket concerning the same problem, choose the appropriate status.

5. Verify the ticket

The original ticket requster may verify the completed task and change the status to 90-96.


You can search tickets by clicking the corresponding buttons and find your interest things.