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CVS is used mainly for paper writing. It is for documentation the papers and technical reports of all the members of the lab. All your publications should be put into CVS.

Setup your CVS env

Logon with your grid account, your cvs env has been setup already. You can also setup cvs on your windows machine. I recommend using cygwin. You have to setup the CVSROOT before using it(note change the account name 'wangd'):

  • export CVSROOT=:pserver:wangd@

If you are outside of the lab, I suggest using SSH local forward, setup as follows:

(1) open a cygwin window, issue:

  • ssh -L2401: -l <your account>

(2) open another cygwin window, you can check out cvs repositories by local port 2401. For example:

  • cvs co cslt.paper/icassp2015

basic commands

(1) cvs update -d : update all the directories

(2) cvs co cslt.paper/icassp2015 : check out the specific directory

(3) cvs add directory : add new folder at cslt.paper

(4) cvs add file : add new files at your project dirctory

(5) cvs commit -m "" : commit

Use CVS repository

  • cslt.paper: All papers that prepared for conferences and journals. Note use conference name and journal name as the root directory.
  • cslt.trp: All technical reports. Using the template in the repository to prepare your paper.

Account application

You need ask for authentication to use cvs. Contact to the admin for your account.