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OC16 MixASR-CHEN Challenge

The OC16 MixASR-CHEN challenge is part of the special session "mixlingual speech processing" on O-COCOSDA 2016. The challenge is a Chinese-English mixed speech recognition task, where the host and embedding languages are Chinese and English respectively.


Participants can and only can use the following three resources:


OC16-CE80 is a speech database provided by SpeechOcean ( for this challenge. The main features involve:

  • 1400+ speakers
  • Mobile channel
  • 80 hours of speech signals
  • Transcriptions are provided
  • The licence file is here
  • Data profile is here


THCHS30 is a pure speech database provided by CSLT@Tsinghua University. All the resources of THCHS30 can be used to improve the system, especially the lexicon and LM. The data is available at:

CMU English dictionary

To recognize English words, CMU English dictionary 0.7b is allowed to be used.

Test plan

  • Only the three databases mentioned above can be used in system development.
  • Test data will be released on July 15. The participants are required to return the transcription generated by their systems.
  • CER will be computed by the organizers and returned to the participants.

Participation rules

  • Participants of both the special session and the OC16 MixASR-CHEN challenge can apply for OC16-CE80 by sending emails to the organizers (see below).
  • Agreement for the usage of OC16-CE80 should be signed and returned to the organizer before the data can be downloaded.
  • Publications based on OC16-CE80 should cite the following paper: "Dong Wang, Zhiyuan Tang, Difei Tang, Qing Chen, OC16-CE80: a Chinese-English Mixlingual database and an ASR baseline" pdf

Challenge procedure

  • June 13, OC16-CE80 is ready and registration request is acceptable.
  • July 15-17, OC16-CE80 test set release. Participants can response with their decoding results before July 17, 12:00PM, Beijing time.
  • July 20, participants can obtain their own WER.
  • Sept. 30 OC16-CE80 extend submission deadline
  • OC16, summary is given on the special session.

Extend submission

The 'official submission' has past the due, and we received a number of good submissions. The WER results have been returned to the participants individually.

We now accept 'extend submissions'. Any participants can submit your results (or new results for participants that have sent the official submission), until 30th, Sept. We are happy to help evaluate your submissions and report your results (if you agree) as 'the results of extended submission' on the OC16 special session.

Many thanks for your participation, we look forward your new submissions and discuss this interesting topic in OC16.


If you are interested to participate the challenge, or if you have any other questions, comments, suggestions about the challenge, please send email to the organizer:

  • Dr. Dong Wang (
  • Ms. Chen Qing (