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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • AI100 articles
  • AI100 articles
Yunqi Cai
Lantian Li
  • Defense of Postdoctoral awards
Ying Shi
  • verify DAE-IVEC DAE-NOISECODE(short term ivector)
  • verify DAE-IVEC DAE-NOISECODE(online ivector)
  • make plan for zeus/sig/speech_enhancement
  • dae for huawei project
  • dae for huawei project
  • build zeus/sig/speech_enhancement
Haoran Sun
  • some investigations on LSTF
  • code format
  • LSTF code
  • MIT paper
Jiao Han
Yang Zhang
  • build a web page for fake audio detection
  • read some papers
Di Wang
  • the number within score interval was counted,in different models
  • quantitative analysis model
Tiankai Zhi
Chen Chen
  • learn&modify&write recorder app/sever code
  • test recorder on LAN
  • fix recorder app crash
  • test recorder on WAN