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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Debug full-transform LSTF
  • LSTF-based speech reconstruction
Yunqi Cai
Lantian Li
  • Release Sunine/egs based on Yang previous version.
  • Compare AM-Softmax and ARM-Softmax in VoxCeleb.
  • Merge DRT loss into x-vector framework.
  • Apply for excellent postdoctoral award.
  • Go on ARM-Softmax and DRT loss.
  • Complete CN-Celeb data checking.
Ying Shi
Haoran Sun
  • Investigations of LSTF
  • Parameter tuning
  • LSTF on voxceleb
  • Try fbank or spectrograms
  • DNN i-vector
Jiao Han
  • MG related experiments and analysis of MG loss.
  • Continue to experiment and summarize.
Yang Zhang
  • make report about voting strategy for adversarial attacks defense
Di Wang
  • Experiments to find useful trials.
  • Analyze the test scheme in speaker evaluation.
Tiankai Zhi