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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • MG paper revision
  • NSFC project proposal
Yunqi Cai
  • MG paper aaditional experiments
  • IR-SPK project synchronisation experiments
Lantian Li
  • Ensemble and Distillation.
  • Resubmit dPLDA.
Ying Shi
  • Test DAE and DAE-iVec ( DAE condition on full dimension iVec white noise )
  • NAP DAE iVec
  • LDA NAP DAE iVec
Haoran Sun
  • continuous i-vector
Jiao Han
  • MG pre-experiments and research preparation
  • Collect and analyze research.
Yang Zhang
  • add pooling moudle
  • add more loss function
Di Wang
  • Baselines for different sampling rates
  • Content related to hypothesis testing
  • Analyze the test scheme in speaker evaluation
Tiankai Zhi
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Read the challenge papers and look for metrics