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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Complete reviwing ICASSP 20 papers reltaed to speker recognition
  • Sick leave
Yunqi Cai
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Exp dnf+nf asr.
  • Continues.
Lantian Li
  • Enroll-test mismatch (baseline, global bias)
  • Response letter to TASLP.
  • Enroll-test mismatch (within-var, general form)
Ying Shi
  • M2ASR data
  • NMF baseline
  • VAE-NMF baseline
  • Our method on GAN
  • Energy model
Haoran Sun
Yue Fan
  • Comparative experiment based on cnc-mdl and audioset-mdl
  • Overview of acoustic event detection
  • Experiments on AED
Jiawen Kang
  • Finish near-far and channel case.
  • Try time-varying code.
  • Finish time-varying experiments.
  • Try general method for enroll-test mismatch.
Ruiqi Liu
  • Kaldi cnceleb2 experiments.
  • Kaldi cnceleb2 experiments.
  • SOTA model experiments on CN-Celeb2.
Sitong Cheng
Zhixin Liu
Haolin Chen