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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Investigate between-class regularization, experiemnted with moment match
  • Investigate cosine and l2 distance, re-visit the l2-based scoring.
  • More investigation on l2 scoring
  • Contiue draft on DNF properties.
Yunqi Cai
  • Writing the patent of DNF
  • Test new code of DNF
  • Investigate the total covariance constrain of DNF
  • Finish the patent today
  • Process the experiment data of total covariance constrain
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Analyse the structure of glow for disentanglement.
  • Analyse more steady noise for BP denoising.
Lantian Li
  • Update frame-based DNF repository.
    • Modify class_mean initialization.
    • Update Container for class mean update.
    • Update visualization tools.
  • Start subspace DNF.
Ying Shi
  • DAE baseline
  • compare DAE and Double Flow on spectrum level
  • compare DAE and Double Flow on SDR level
  • semi-supervise Double Flow
  • verification the denoise ability on unsteady noise of Double Flow
Wenqiang Du
  • Verify the differences in model performance between audio recordings on different devices
Haoran Sun
Yue Fan
  • Baseline line of svm
  • Data download
  • Baseline line of svm&gmm
  • Experiments on dnf
Jiawen Kang
  • Make scripts to calculate subset EER;
  • Continiue model experiments;
  • Paper introduction part.
  • Length and age EER;
  • Continiue model experiments;
Ruiqi Liu
  • Continue training the model.
  • Experiments on CN-Celeb different scenes.
  • Experiments on CN-Celeb different genders.
  • Go on the task1.
  • Experiments on CN-Celeb different length.
  • Prepare paper writing.
Sitong Cheng
Zhixin Liu
Haolin Chen
  • Try Double Flow(Glow) with spectrogram as input, conditional/without condition.
  • Evaluation.
  • Optimize model structure.