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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Code cleaning for DNF
  • More review on DNF theory
  • More review on speech enhancement with deep generative models
  • More investigation on subspace DNF
  • Draft paper for DNF properties
Yunqi Cai
  • retest the plda score(lenth norm false)
  • train and test sota xvector
  • more investigation on Between class var of DNF
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Confirmed that Glow can disentangle audio (content/non-content, silence/non-silence, to be confirmed)
  • Noise audio cannot be disentangled.
  • Try to disentangel noise audio.
Lantian Li
  • Update SOTA.
  • Complete NF + LDA/PLDA.
Ying Shi
  • double flow denoise experiment and visualization
  • DAE baseline
  • DAE baseline
  • timit ASR baseline
Wenqiang Du
Haoran Sun
Yue Fan
  • Arrange the work of the CN2
  • baseline on svm&gmm
Jiawen Kang
  • Prepare SOTA vectors
  • Prepare CNceleb as test set
  • Continute experiments
  • Continute experiments
  • evaluatte models on diffierent geners
  • Prepare paper writing
Ruiqi Liu
  • Experiments about ResNet and prepare vectors.
  • Supplement the last experimental data and prepare paper writing.
Sitong Cheng
  • modify DNF code
  • prepare paper writing
  • step 2&3 with DNF
Zhixin Liu
  • Get initial conclusion of task 1
  • Analyze results
  • Prepare DNF
Haolin Chen
  • Run experiments with white noise, consider adding discriminative structure
  • Run experiments with realnoise, Evaluation on result.