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People Last Week This Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
  • Started to reconstruct the vivi code with better structures.
  • Especially need to build proper models for planning and post processing.
Xiuqi Jiang
  • Designed a better code structure for further experiments.
  • Improved vivi2.0 and made some adjustments to .sh script.
  • Build codes under the new structure.
Jiayao Wu
  • do experiments on node_sparseness and update it on cvss
  • re-label some data
  • keep on doing experiments on pruning
  • get familiar with pytorch
Zhaodi Qi
  • Reduce the lid model and test the results
  • Test test set of different channels
  • Wrote a model based on asr(tdnn-f)-lid(tdnn) (similar to PTN) to solve channel inconsistency
  • Complete the asr-lid model
Jiawei Yu
  • wrote a tensorflow learning document, and I have not completed it.
  • read some papers about attention and find some attention code in GitHub.
  • try to run these attention code figure out mechanism of this code.
Yunqi Cai
  • 1,figured out how the Bert model create the pretraining data and do the pretraining.
  • 2,try to use the Bert to do the error correction of a text sentence.
  • 3,re-label some ASR data
  • 4,Test vivi2.0 model
  • Construct a Text sentence error correction model
Dan He
  • Do experiments on comparing test time and update it on cvss
  • Read the experiment code carefully
  • Directly decompose the trained parameters and put them into the network for retraining.
Yang Zhang
  • 1. remodified nginx configuration and changed the server networking structure
  • 2. tried to learn vae and did a test in wolf server
  • continue to learn and test VAE
Wenwei Dong