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People Last Week This Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
  • Use another word vector and lyrics training set to train a model for lyrics generation. (Ongoing)
  • Reconstruct code and make it flexible for different baseline models.
Xiuqi Jiang
  • Focused back on the quatrain generation, thinking of the drawbacks of current model.
  • Tried to weaken the attention mechanism between sentences.
  • Add VAE into model and try to generate instead of predicting.
Jiayao Wu
  • continue doing sparse-node experiment using the mask method
  • run through the first experiment
Zhaodi Qi
  • Finish the speech language recognition of speech book.
  • Compared the experiments of tdnn model under different duration test sets
  • Research on model acceleration and model compression
  • Do experiments to make the lid model smaller and faster
Jiawei Yu
  • Finish the speech emotion recognition of speech book.
  • Learning the tensorflow tutorial.
  • keep learning tensorflow and do some experiment.
Yunqi Cai
  • 1.Run through the bert model. 2.study the details of the bert model.
Dan He
  • Doing some comparative experiments about TT-decompositions.
  • Summarize the results of the comparative experiments and initially complete the relevant research on TT-decomposition.
Yang Zhang
  • exam week.
  • (I will finish all my exams on Friday night)