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People Last Week This Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
  • Improved Iambics generation.
  • Learned about GAN and VAE.
  • Try to implement VAE in the existing model.
  • Try to implement BERT.
  • Improve the quality of Iambics.
Xiuqi Jiang
  • Went deeper into current model and discussed about the possibility of VAE
  • Song iambics can now be generated and different styles of tunes are available
  • Polish up the iambics parts
Jiayao Wu
  • finished the speech book -- kws
  • doing experiment of node -pruning on WSJ chain model
  • keep on node-pruning research
Zhaodi Qi
  • Run LID (about Chinese English and Japanese) and Control configs_size within 20M,But it still running.
  • Data segmentation completed, and Waiting for test.
  • Finish the speech book
  • Completion the tdnn system performance comparison of test sets of different lengths
Jiawei Yu
  • Done for max-margin recipe.
  • write the speech book.
  • learn to use Tensorflow for attention experiment.
  • finish the emotion recognition speech book.
  • Keep learning the Tensorflow and move max-margin experiment to this platform.
Yunqi Cai
  • Run wsj data; Read paper about RNN-LM
  • Use RNN-LM to rescore the wsj data
Dan He
  • Compared the inference time, but the results is not well.
  • After TT decomposing the two full-connection layers, it is found that the testing accuracy is very low.
  • According to some problems found in the experiment, continue to do comparative experiments and analyze the reasons.
Yang Zhang
  • revise for my school subjects and prepare for the final-term examinations.