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People Last Week This Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Yibo Liu
Xiuqi Jiang
  • Discussed code reconstruction work with Yibo Liu and set forth the aims of simplification and modularization.
  • Made research on meta learning and zero-shot learning, preparing for a weekly report.
  • Quicken the pace of code reconstruction.
Jiayao Wu
  • do research on ASR data size for End2End
  • do research on training tricks for End2End ASR of Mandarin & Japanese
  • finish a baseline on WSJ
  • finish the baseline on AISHELL2
  • do some research on compression
Zhaodi Qi
  • Made a confusion matrix for Various dialects
  • Added svm after ivector
  • summarized the entry system method of the dialect finals.
  • Learned cnn+ctcloss and tensorflow
  • Add acc for ptn
Jiawei Yu
  • learn the method of attention for SRE
  • Read papers about joint learning method combine PLDA.
  • Establish the attention baseline of SRE
Yunqi Cai
Dan He
  • 1.Read the first part of the book "Tensor Networks for Dimensionality Reduction and Large-Scale Optimization" written by Andrzej Cichocki and Ivan Oseledets.
  • 2. Initial understanding of the CP decomposition and Tucker decomposition,but the TT decomposition has not yet understand.
  • 1.Continue read the book to study the TT decomposition.
  • 2. Prepare a paper sharing about tensor decomposition.
Yang Zhang
  • 1. Released my VPR app, and Published it in WeChat.
  • 2. Wrote a patent about speaker recognition.
  • Optimize and update my code. Add more functions in this VPR app.