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Data sharing

  • LM count files still undelivered!

DNN progress

Discriminative DNN

  • Running 1200-3620 NN, 1000 hour MMI training. 2% absolute improvement is expected.

Sparse DNN

  • Iterative sparse sticky training runs. More sparsity is expected.

Tencent exps

Confidence estimation

DNN confidence

  • Waiting for testing results: distribution overlap.
  • To be done:
  1. CI phone confidence, on going
  2. No-tone confidence, on going

Multi-graph decoding based on DNN confidence

  • Testing not finished yet.

Subgraph integration

  • G.fst integration is done. Initial test passed.
  • HCLG integration is done. Waiting for test.

Embedded progress

  • DNN-based embedded engine is done
  • Lenovo cell phone(A8): 1000 words RT 0.8, 2300 words RT 1.0.
  • demo released: 2300 singer name

get the demo

Singer list