140615 - Chen Xue

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Last Week:

Read the codes of rsynSTRAIGHT.pl and synthesis.m, trying to integrate the scripts with my C code. Failed due to the incompatible version of STRAIGHT.

Wrote code to save Matlab variables and organize them to suit my C function.

Debug my C code with the help of the valgrind tool, all annoying segmentation fault and memory leakage resovled. Final result hasn't been checked. The randn() function in the source code makes the final output different each run. I want to transfer the output vector into a wav file first to see whether the code funtions properly. The subsequent debuging process will be boring, but few code changes are expecetd to happen.

This Week:

Add wav header to the vector, if that's the correct way.

Keep on debuging if errors exist.

Cooperate with Prof. Wang to resolve the incompatible script problem.