14-03-16 Xiaoxi Wang

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Last week:

FST pattern: FST patterns can be exported by using OpenFST API and are tested by Huilian's pattern.

Only correct patterns are implementable, since Sphinx_jsgf2fsg is very strict on grammar checking.

Result: before determinisation and minimisation, the time cost for 4101 patterns is about 2-3mins, after det&min it is about 2s, but currently the result generated by det&min is incorrect. Therefore future investigation & development is very necessary.

QA: Some code in QA is changed. Please keep checking commits on gits.

Next week;

FST pattern: JSGF pattern generation & sphinx_jsgf2fsg should be integrated. Also an ID follows each pattern should be added.

QA: A function of showing matching progress is required by Fang Zhao.