Tianyi Luo 2016-03-21

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Plan to do this week

  • To finish conducting the experiments of Chinese poem generation and finish writing the paper of ACL.
  • To conduct some study about TensorFlow and ready to implement the Neural QA system.

Work done in this week

  • Summit the ACL long paper about Chinese poem generation.

Plan to do next week

  • To get the data which is used to train tha QA chatting model.
  • To respond the email of Patent application company in details.
  • To finish the font transfer project with Yanxu.
  • To install the tensorflow in grid-16 to reproduce Dongxu's work.
  • To prepare the weekly report about intellegent qa system next Monday.

Interested papers

  • Cascading Bandits: Learning to Rank in the Cascade Model(ICML 2015) [pdf]